Website Hosting & Support

So, your brand new website is live and everything is running smoothly. Congrats. Now what? What happens if you need an update made to the site or run into an unforeseen issue? This is a common concern amongst clients but no fear, we’ve got you covered. We know your day is already full of so many other important tasks so leave these sort of tasks to us. We offer a whole slew of custom website hosting and support packages sure to fit the bill.

  Don’t have the time to make changes?

  Did your last web team mysteriously vanish?

And another thing. If perhaps your last marketing firm has ghosted you, we are also here to help. We can migrate WordPress websites so that we are able to host on our end. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the job your current web designers are doing, then please reach out to us. We have a zippy response time and make sure solving your issues are a priority. Let us know if we can help.

Support & Hosting Package Plans

1 hour/month of Support


Web Hosting + Support
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3 hours/month of support


Web Hosting + Support
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5 hours/month of Support


Web Hosting + Support
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